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Alexis Finger

Submitted 24 Dec. 2020

Excellent! The best care possible! Dr. Goldstein makes going to a doctor as pleasant as possible! Thank you!

Ronit Tarshish

Submitted 23 Dec. 2020

Dr. Goldstein is an outstanding Dr. and an exceptional human being. He is kind, caring, patient, and extremely knowledgeable and experienced. I can’t recommend him enough.

Shirley Walfish

Submitted 22 Dec. 2020

Helpful, caring, available, uses different modalities to help pt, as needed. Very considerate.

Maxwell Nathanson

Submitted 15 Dec. 2020

Most pleasant visit Dr. and I had good conversation. My visit was performed well.

Carol Kempski

Submitted 01 Dec. 2020

Dr. Goldstein has a very calming effect on his patient. He keeps the conversation going, as he does his work. Appointments are on time, as well. Beau coup thumbs UP for Dr. Goldstein.

Rodney Pelchat

Submitted 24 Nov. 2020

Appointed made quickly. Dr. G. took time to gather history and to explain potential diagnoses and to offer range of treatment options. Special diagnostic xrays done in office.

Rhoni Groff

Submitted 15 Nov. 2020

I am so grateful to have found Dr. Goldstein. His experience and knowledge put me at ease. I finally found someone who knew how to help me heal my painful foot. The clear concise way he explained what was wrong and what was needed to make it better was an important step to healing. Once I understood, I was able to see what I needed to do and followed his directions completely. I have total trust in Dr. Goldstein and less pain in my foot!

Thomas Smith

Submitted 29 Oct. 2020

Dr. Goldstein has treated me for the last 8 years including surgery and post op follow up. His care and treatment have kept this 91 year old ambulatory. I have great confidence in him. He is a very talented professional podiatrist.

Viola Jones

Submitted 27 Oct. 2020

Best surgeon I'v had.

Shirley Walfish

Submitted 21 Oct. 2020

Pleasant, polite reception, knowledgeable doctor, helped me a lot.

Marguerite Werrin

Submitted 20 Oct. 2020

Very caring, helpful, thoughtful. Dr. Goldstein is an out-of-the-box thinker who comes up with interesting & useful suggestions. Victoria is a pleasure to work with. She is really invested in accommodating to our needs. Thank you.

Aliza Schlabach

Submitted 15 Oct. 2020

Dr. Goldstein is very personable, took is time during my appointment which covered multiple issues.

Viola Jones

Submitted 13 Oct. 2020

I highly recommend him to anyone that has foot or ankle problems.

Fairy York

Submitted 08 Oct. 2020

My visit with Dr. Goldstein is always a pleasure. Sometimes I discuss different things with him that I don't discuss with anyone else. He is A ok with me.

Mike Volodarsky

Submitted 29 Sep. 2020

Saw Dr. Goldstein after seeing two other DPM for an infected toe. Dr. Goldstein was very friendly and to the point, his diagnostic explanation made a lot of sense, and offered a quick followup to make sure it's effective. Looking forward to working with the Dr. going forward.

Lisa Waters

Submitted 16 Sep. 2020

Dr. Brian Goldstein is an excellent Podiatrist. He cares and has the best interest for his patients. There is no long wait. Any questions you have; he takes his time to answer and explain. With this being said, he does excellent work and provides the best treatment for each individual patient.

Ethel Cooper

Submitted 09 Sep. 2020

During my 91 years I have been treated by 7 podiatrists in various parts of the Philadelphia area, their ability ranging from satisfactory to very good. But the word that I think is most suitable for description of Dr. Goldstein's work is "FABULOUS"! I feel so fortunate that I became his patient in my old age.

Denise Stewart

Submitted 02 Sep. 2020

I would highly recommend him. The office was beautiful and the staff efficient. I was happy with my visit.

Luis Pedrosa

Submitted 02 Sep. 2020

Wonderful attentive Doctor.

Richard Walling

Submitted 27 Aug. 2020

Always great!

Ethel Cooper

Submitted 27 Aug. 2020

At 91 years of age I have been treated by 6 podiatrists. 5 ranged from okay to good. The descriptive word for the 6th, Dr. Goldstein, is SUPERB!

Rochelle Gornish

Submitted 18 Aug. 2020

Fixed the problem. I am walking comfortably now. Many thanx

Orien Caul

Submitted 18 Aug. 2020

Dr. Goldstein is great. Always pleasant and he knows what he's doing.

Emily Taylor

Submitted 18 Aug. 2020

Dr. Goldstein is a breath of fresh air! He was genuine and personable. As someone who hates going to any doctor he made the process easy. I would definitely recommend.

Jill Gabay

Submitted 11 Aug. 2020

Dr. Goldstien is kind , thorough and professional. His extensive knowledge is applied to every situation and every visit. I highly reccommend him for any foot issue.

Robert Coe

Submitted 29 Jul. 2020

Nice I was very comfortable. For the first time.

Maxwell Nathanson

Submitted 21 Jul. 2020

My visit was prompt My conversation was stimulating Great practice

Matthew Wilson

Submitted 08 Jul. 2020

Frist visit, told me why I was having my issue with my foot. Will be going back.

Len Dubin

Submitted 25 Jun. 2020

Very professional and answered all my questions.

Fairy York

Submitted 23 Jun. 2020

My visit with Dr. Goldstein was very nice as usual. Short and Sweet. Thank you Dr. Goldstein.

Christina Stotesbury

Submitted 10 Jun. 2020

Highly Recommend! Dr. Goldstein saw me right away. He was very kind and professional, took x-rays and put me in a cast in less than 30 minutes. He quickly diagnosed my fractured ankle, provided me info and options, and answered all my questions. Best possible experience all things considering.

Jared Freedman

Submitted 10 Jun. 2020

Excellent Doctor. Professional and caring.

Lou Rappaport

Submitted 09 Jun. 2020

I got to see Dr. Goldstein on short notice, which was really helpful. I am new patient. He was very personable, thorough, definitive with his assessment and super informative about my diagnosis. I left feeling like I had a path to recovery for a nagging issue. Enjoyed meeting Dr. Goldstein today. Looking forward to my follow up.


Submitted 29 May. 2020

Dr. Goldstein is a gifted physician and exceptional human. He is committed to his patients' health and well being. We are grateful to have him. Many thanks!

Bill Sonis

Submitted 19 May. 2020

Great guy, wonderfully knowledgeable

Mana Tancredi

Submitted 15 May. 2020

I was so happy to be treated by Dr. Goldstein and plan to continue using his services.


Submitted 27 Apr. 2020

Dr. Goldstein's office is near my home and he was highly recommended by my granddaughter. Dr. Goldstein is highly competent in his approach to diagnosing a problem and determining the right treatment. He has my confidence.

Kassandra Fetzer

Submitted 26 Apr. 2020

I have been seen by Dr. Goldstein a few times for infected/ingrown toenails and he's the best! I always leave there feeling so much better and I truly feel like he takes the extra step for patient care and comfort. I would give him 10 stars if I could!


Submitted 21 Apr. 2020

I had a good follow up visit

Michael Bihovsky

Submitted 01 Apr. 2020

Dr. Goldstein is a lifesaver - I had a bilateral ingrown toenail procedure just before COVID-19 hit, and so when both toes got infected I could not gain access to my previous podiatrist during the hours that I am available. Dr. Goldstein fit me in immediately and has been incredibly helpful and diligent in bringing down the infection, and without the use of antibiotics as he viewed that as a last resort (which I very much appreciate). I'm very grateful to have my feet in such skilled - well, hands :)

Brenda Caleb

Submitted 17 Mar. 2020

I've been a patient of Dr. Goldstein for over a year now and I find that he is very attentive and has a great knowledge of the care that he's providing to his patients. He's always available for emergencies and always willing to assist you in any way. My feet thanks him.


Submitted 16 Mar. 2020

Awesome visit...

Susan Rubin

Submitted 13 Mar. 2020

Dr. Goldstein is an awesome doctor. I have had a pain on my toe for several months . After one visit I am pain free! He has a calm manner to him that makes you very relaxed.

Paula Fox

Submitted 21 Feb. 2020

As always, excellent treatment.

Larry Ellis

Submitted 18 Feb. 2020

Dr Brian Goldstein has powerful empathetic manner with his patient. There is a calm clear informed way in his communication. He readily makes his patient feel at ease as the best remedy is discussed.


Submitted 12 Feb. 2020

Dr. Goldstein was terrific! He immediately put me at ease, listened carefully to my issue and gave me several options. Prior to each step of the procedure, Dr. Goldstein told me what to expect. His instructions for after-care were succinct and easy. I definitely would recommend Dr. Goldstein. He's a nice man and a good doctor!

Rachelle Carstensen

Submitted 11 Feb. 2020

Awesome doctor that helps get rid of foot pain

Jesse Bey

Submitted 15 Jan. 2020

Great job as always

Mary Beth

Submitted 05 Jan. 2020

Always feel better after our appointment with Dr. Goldstein.

Manar Darwish

Submitted 03 Jan. 2020

Dr. Goldstein is very knowledgable, accommodating and personable. He sees patients of all ages which makes it easy for the whole family. His staff are very friendly and accommodating. Thank you.

Issac Fontaine

Submitted 27 Dec. 2019

My first with Dr. Goldstein was excellent he wasn’t afraid to twist and bend my toe may sound funny but he is the truth Gave me all kinds of good advice to do I will be following up with him in Next week Dr. Goldstein is also a good communicator That is so important these days He explained my situation in detail I will highly recommend him to whomever needs a podiatrist

Robert Smith

Submitted 27 Dec. 2019

He's the best!


Submitted 26 Dec. 2019

Dr. Goldstein was awesome! He laid out my options clearly and told me exactly what he was doing, why, and how to care for it. Great experience, highly recommend this doctor

Barbara McCleary

Submitted 19 Dec. 2019

Professional, friendly office. Dr. Goldstein’s assessment was thorough and he provided various recommendations that addressed my issue.

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